Natural Hazards

Natural hazards like hurricanes, floods and tornadoes are increasing in frequency and strength. We may not be able to prevent extreme weather, but we can improve our ability to predict, respond quickly, and build our homes and infrastructure in a way that can survive major storms. Texas Computing researchers are providing the tools and cyber-infrastructure required to improve the resilience of our communities.



Featured Research




DesignSafe is a web-based research platform that provides the computational tools needed to manage, analyze, and understand critical data for natural hazards research.

Mantle convection

Center for Computational Geosciences and Optimization

The Center for Computational Geosciences and Optimization (CCGO) addresses modeling of the solid and fluid earth systems, with emphasis on large scale simulation and inversion on supercomputers.


Computational Hydraulics Group

The Computational Hydraulics Group (CHG) is a leading research center in the modeling of aqueous environments, including problems related to shallow water hydrodynamics, hurricane storm surges and groundwater pollution.