High Performance Computing

Solving the world’s biggest problems requires the most powerful computing systems. The University of Texas at Austin is a leader in designing and deploying supercomputers that are unrivalled at any university in the world. Texas Computing faculty use these resources to perform research that cannot be accomplished elsewhere, providing a competitive advantage.



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Corral is TACC's primary data-management and storage resource for supporting the creation and curation of research data collections.

Corral High Performance Storage and Data Management

Corral leads the way in the preservation and sharing of data for researchers. Deployed in 2009, Corral supports data-centric science at The University of Texas at Austin, and throughout the U.S. This storage and data management resource is designed and optimized to support large-scale collections and a collaborative research environment.

Oden Institute's FLAME Team launches MOOC in Spring 2014

Science of High-Performance Computing Group

The SHPC Group focuses on the knowledge that underlies scientific software libraries and makes it systematic. While the group contributes to the foundations of the field, it has also created a new dense linear algebra software stack that can nimbly respond to the rapid changes that computer architecture is experiencing.

Lonestar 5 High Performance Computing System

Lonestar 5 High Performance Computing System

The primary advanced computing resource in the University of Texas Research Cyberinfrastructure (UTRC) initiative, sponsored by The University of Texas System, as well as for partner institutions Texas Tech University and Texas A&M University.