Data Science

The availability of data from the internet, ubiquitous computing devices, and sensors has opened up new opportunities in quantifying, analyzing and optimizing our world. Texas Computing researchers are developing new ways to harness the information explosion and develop actionable tools for decision-making.



Featured Research


Center for Big Data Analytics

Center for Big Data Analytics (CBDA)

CBDA is an interdisciplinary research center focusing on large-scale data analysis. The research themes of the center revolve around mathematical modeling of big data, new statistical methods for the analysis of high-dimensional data, fast and memory-efficient algorithms that leverage new parallel computer architectures, and broadly, data analytic solutions for challenging applications.

Wrangler Data Analysis System

Wrangler Data Analysis System

Wrangler is the most powerful data analysis system allocated in the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE). The system is designed for large-scale data transfer, analytics, and sharing and provides flexible support for a wide range of software stacks and workflows.

Dell Medical School

Division of Health Information & Data Analytic Sciences

The Division of Health Information and Data Analytic Science in the Department of Population Health provides a shared, central resource for accessing, curating and managing clinical and non-clinical health-related data for Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin and the community.